Here is my breakdown of the Top 10 Finance Products/Apps you must have for 2021. I definitely would not have gotten to where I am today without most of these financial products. They’ve helped me to either budget, save and/or invest and I hope these recommendations can be a turning point for you!

  • These products are Canadian based, but you can find similar versions of these in your own country of living.
  1. Your Main Bank Card

Your main checking is where all your money comes in when you get paid. I’ve personally been using my Scotiabank card for years now…

Most people can’t even fathom the idea of making over a million dollars in their lifetime, or even realize that having a million dollars for their retirement may not even be enough. It’s a scary thought to think that you spend your whole life exchanging precious time for some hard-earned money, just to realize that by the time you retire you didn’t save up enough.

I’ve seen second-generation immigrants be gripped with anxiety and fear with the idea that their parents are so ill-equipped for retirement, that the burden will eventually have to fall on them. …

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Handling our finances is no easy feat. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and the lack of accountability to know exactly what we need to do. Since the onset of covid, I’ve noticed a surge of millennials and Gen Z rushing to start investing their money into financial markets like stocks and cryptocurrency.

On the one hand, I think it’s great that younger generations are starting to realize the importance of having their money beat the enemy that is inflation and have their cash appreciate over time. On the other hand, I see many…

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Sometime last year during the overwhelming dullness of this pandemic, I was curiously scrolling down Ramit Sethi’s feed. If you don’t know, Ramit Sethi is a popular east Indian finance blogger who has written a NY Times Best Selling Book called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.

I quickly shared his feed with a friend, who sent me a video a couple of hours later of him talking about how renting property was better than owning property (definitely another article, for another time).

As I clicked the Youtube link to watch more, prior to talking about real estate, he…

It’s long been advised that everyone have a rainy day savings fund. Anything can happen in life that could instantly take a toll on our finances. Your car could break down, a pipe could bust, a leak in the roof or worst of all you cold be out of a job for more than 3–6 months (think recessions or a pandemic). Whatever the reason for needing a savings might me, having an emergency fund is a golden rule in personal finance and to achieve financial security. …

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Have you ever seen the rice experiment? There’s three jars of rice and each is repetitively told one word. One jar receives positive words like “I love you”. Another jar is ignored, while the last jar receives negative words like “I hate you”. By the end of the experiment the last two jars of rice had turned black or moldy, while the first jar (the positive jar) was still in good condition.

Moral of the story — words are EXTREMELY powerful. So what if we used that magic in combining both positive words and intentions towards ourselves, just like that…

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Let’s face it. Making financial decisions can be the driving factor in the average person’s dealings with emotions such as fear, stress and anxiety. Let me just say that, it sucks and nobody is exempt from life’s woes surrounding money and feeling financially secure.

There is financial wellness method i’ve recently come to learn about and it’s called the Window of Resiliency. Don’t worry — you’ve probably never hear of it and rightfully so. …

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Let’s face it. When you hear the word “budgeting”, it makes you want to roll your eyes ten times over, while not minding if it ever got stuck. It’s time consuming, inconsistent and it forces you to realize you suck with managing your money.

Wait, what? Are you judging the way I spend my money?

No. I am in no way shaming those who do not budget or have not found the need to. That is not what I came here to do. I believe that as annoying as it is when finance experts tell you to budget, budgeting sets…

What do I know so well about money, that I have the audacity to even tell others on what to do?

I’m no David Ramsey or Suze Orman (if only), but I am a 25 year old money coach and enthusiast who has been able to amass 35% returns in my investments every single year, for the past 3 years (while also writing this as we go through the biggest pandemic of our times — shout-out to COVID-19). …

Morgan Blackman

Helping millennial women become financially secure and gain the confidence to be in full control of their own wealth. Follow me on Instagram @holisticbucks

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